It’s likely that at the moment we’re feeling emotions that we’re not used to feeling on a regular basis.  Or they’re more heightened than normal.  Difficult emotions are now part of our reality.  Whilst I’m a big fan of positive psychology, the media often portray it in an unhelpful way.  This toxic positivity can make it really difficult for us to be with our difficult emotions.

But if we want to feel resilient at the moment, our emotional intelligence is key.  This is our ability to be aware of our emotions, even the ones that we feel are difficult.  It’s common for us to ignore, deny or avoid our difficult emotions.  When we do this, we become less of ourselves.   We’re less able to bring our whole selves and our whole resourcefulness to this situation.  Because, as counterintuitive as it feels, the more we’re able to be with our difficult emotions in a healthy way the happier and more joyful we actually become. Allowing us to ultimately thrive even in difficult circumstances. 

In this episode I share:

  • What emotional intelligence is and why it’s so important [4:30]
  • What you can do to become more intelligent with your emotions [4:55]
  • A really useful tool to tune into your emotions  [5:15]
  • The difference between a bottler and a brooder  [6:10]
  • The healthy middle ground that enables you to bring the best of yourself [7:19]
  • The simple sentence that can help you to become more emotionally resilient [8:15]

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