Parenting can have a negative impact on our relationship at the best of times, but parenting in a pandemic is likely putting our relationship under extreme pressure. In this episode I interview relationship therapist Ian Tomlinson.  He helps couples transform their relationships so that each person can get their needs met and create healthy patterns of relating.

Thankfully there are strategies that we can call upon to make it through this difficult time with our relationship intact, and maybe even strengthened. During our conversation he shares some simple but powerful strategies to support our relationships during this pandemic and beyond.

While this episode was recorded during COVID-19 the insights can be applied at any time to strengthen our relationships

In this episode Ian shares:

  • Why the traditional approach to couples therapy doesn’t always work and how his approach is different
  • that when we become parents children fundamentally change our relationships and that 68% of all couples believe that children negatively impact their relationship. 
  • that it’s normal to hit difficulties in our relationship, that it’s actually supposed to happen and if we get stuck that’s just a sign that growth is trying to happen in our relationship
  • that most couples wait for up to 6 years to get into couples therapy from the point that we actually need it
  • four behaviours that can predict the end of a relationship and what we can do to prevent them
  • simple but powerful strategies to feel more connected and happier in our relationship

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