If being a working mum has left you feeling exhausted, flat, foggy or frankly fed up then this episode of the Wisdom For Working Mums podcast is for you!

Today we’re talking about our hormones. Many of us women experience the havoc that hormones can have on our life. Maybe monthly mood swings, maybe heavy bleeding, PMS, skin breakouts to name but a few symptoms. And you probably have thought that this ‘monthly misery’ is just part of the package as a woman.

Because we’ve been taught to think that’s the way it’s supposed to go every month, we tend to put up with these symptoms instead of treating them…unless they develop into more serious conditions that need medical attention. Which is what happened to me.

These symptoms not only affect our productivity but our quality of life…..and the quality of life of those close to us.

That’s why I can’t wait for us to dive into this episode with my guest Nicki Williams founder of Happy Hormones for Life.

In this episode Nicki and I explore:

  • Her journey with her own hormones that led Nicki to set up Happy Hormones for Life [4:22]
  • What hormones are and their purpose [9:48]
  • What balanced hormones should look and feel like across our lifetime [11:02]
  • Perimenopause – what it is and the signs and symptoms [14:20]
  • The four key hormones known as the Feisty Four [19:52]
  • How to take control back of your hormones [36:10]

If you struggle with your hormones in any way you’re going to love this episode. 

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