Welcome, I'm Nicky.
Leadership and Executive Coach

I've spent the last 18 years supporting leaders in some of the world's best-known organisations to thrive personally and professionally. 

As an accredited Executive Coach, I've dedicated my career to learning the tools and strategies which make a profound but practical impact for my clients.

As a working mum, I've applied these in my own life too, so I can do the work that lights me up while also being there for my loved ones in a way that I can feel proud of...and not burning out in the process!

I'm all about helping my clients achieve success in their lives without sacrificing their sanity or wellbeing. Helping them to both live and work well. Applying my coaching, leadership and psychological skills to help you to truly thrive. 

I've learnt the hard way so you don't have to!

My Story

After having my first child I experienced burnout on my return to work. Literally burning out my adrenal system.

Turns out I didn't know how to approach my work without overworking! But I'd also underestimated the psychosocial factors that impact women - especially mothers in the workplace.

During my recovery I got fiercely curious as to how it happened.

This experience was a catalyst for me - what I learnt was transformational. These insights helped me to reimagine my approach to my career and motherhood - finally learning what it takes to thrive both as a leader, mother and woman.

I now support other executives to combine their work and family life in a more successful and sustainable way - without sacrificing their sanity or wellbeing. And I get to enjoy the impact of these in my own life as a business owner, mother of two children and wife.

I started my career in the technology sector and have first-hand experience working in fast-paced, demanding environments managing virtual teams across cultural boundaries whilst trying to overachieve on aggressive targets.

I was driven. I was conscientious. I was a high achiever.
But it came at a cost. I neglected my health. I became a person I didn't really like. It took a bereavement for me to decide to walk away from my hard earned career.

I retrained as an Executive Coach and have now spent nearly two decades doing work that I love.

Emotional intelligence accredited practitioner


Global leadership wellbeing survey accredited practitioner

master level executive coach

Working with organisations

What we do

We support organisations to develop their leaders so that they can work and live well.  Achieving outstanding success in their careers without sacrificing their wellbeing along the way.

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Explore More

We provide world-class executive coaching to support executives to thrive in work and life.  Helping them to navigate their professional and personal lives in a more successful and sustainable way.

Supporting you to thrive.

Working with INDIVIDUALS

Live and Work Well

Our mission is to create the conditions where executives can deliver exceptional results and live a life that they love without burning out in the process.  Because personal and professional success are important but often not easy to combine.

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Group Vice President of Sales 

Nicole Bello

Group Vice President of Sales

Nicole Bello

"Nicky has helped me create a more purpose-driven life-work blend."

"I would have no hesitation of working with Nicky again. Her passion for unlocking potential and developing people shines through. Nicky's deep knowledge, professionalism and personable approach delivers positive results."

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