We receive so many cultural messages about bouncing back after giving birth.  That the goal is to achieve our pre-baby body as quickly as possible.  However most women I speak with struggle to recover from giving birth and many suffer with postnatal complications months, if not years, later.  Pelvic floor and trampolines anyone?!

In this episode I interview my go to person for my physical health and wellbeing.  She is the lady that put my body back together after both of my children.  She’s helped me to go from devastating health problems to feeling strong and functionally fit.

Beth Gardner from Shropshire Holistic Health and Performance is a Corrective Exercise Coach and KORE Therapist, also specialising in Pilates and Yoga.  She’s worked with Premiership football clubs and elite athletes but her real passion is supporting women achieve full health and wellbeing on their journey of motherhood.  In this episode she shares her unique approach to women’s health combining Western and Eastern approaches.

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