Do you struggle to have enough energy to do the things you want and need to do? If 2019 is the year that you’ve resolved to improve your health, energy and wellbeing then the latest episode of the Wisdom For Working Mums’ podcast is for you! 

As achievement orientated working mums who care deeply about our family and our work, we often achieve all this at the detriment to our health and wellbeing.  This week’s podcast episode is a must listen if:

  • the mere task of getting through the day and your never ending to-do-list leaves you feeling exhausted
  • you have no time to catch your breath and the nearest you get to pampering is a when the steam from your coffee smacks you in the face!

I interview Jo Gamble from Embracing Nutrition.   Jo is a Nutritional Therapist and certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Her passion is working with clients who have complex health symptoms to empower them back to health. 

She’s the woman who I credit for helping me transform from merely surviving as a busy working mum to thriving.  She has literally transformed mine and my family’s health.  I think she’s amazing and if you want to find out why then tune in to my interview with her.

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