Having children changes us, changes our partners and changes our relationships.  It changes the way we interact with each other. Whether it’s because:

  • we’re sleep deprived
  • or we have different parenting styles
  • or we’ve experienced an identity shift (from wife to mother, or husband to father) or  being lovers to becoming parents 
  • or just the mundane tasks of parenting consume our time and energy 

The impact of becoming parents can be tough on the relationship we have with our partner.  Add in a demanding career, and things can get very tricky to maintain a loving and successful relationship with our partners. 

When we have children we have to work harder to keep our relationship strong and healthy.  We have to become intentional about how we connect.

So this week’s guest is a relationship expert and has a huge amount of experience working with couples who are struggling.  Nicki Vee has trained with some of the world’s top relationship experts.

Nicki and her husband Tony are known at the ‘Relationship Couple’.  They work with couples whose relationships have deteriorated.  Tony & Nicki are often referred to as the UK’s leading ‘Relationship Couple’ assisting couples experience what they describe as ‘The Ultimate Intimate Relationship’.

As a working mum with two failed marriages, and now a very successful third marriage, she has some powerful insights to share with us from her own journey.

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