Today, we’re talking about a subject close to my heart and I know close to the heart of so many other women.

It’s a subject that still has a degree of taboo, secrecy and shame attached to it.
Sadly, so many of us have navigated this journey feeling alone or isolated.
That’s the topic of infertility and miscarriage.

I experienced secondary infertility and was told that I might never have another child.
After multiple recurrent miscarriages, I was blessed to give birth to my daughter nearly 4 years ago now.  But that experience never leaves you as I know so many of you listening will know.

That’s why I’m delighted that today’s guest is here to shine a light on this difficult topic – helping others to know that they’re not alone and that there is support out there.

My guest is Dr Belinda Coker who is an experienced NHS GP and Medical Director with a wealth of expertise in fertility, and women’s health spanning 20 years. 

She is also the founder and CEO of Your Trusted Squad – a boutique IVF and fertility concierge service that supports and empowers high-achieving, ambitious women who have difficulty getting pregnant to reduce the stress and overwhelm of their journey, navigate their fertility treatment and conceive a healthy baby.
For years Belinda has suffered from debilitating pain and fatigue from endometriosis. Her symptoms have worsened since her fertility journey began 11 years ago. She has been pregnant on four occasions and lost each baby in the first trimester. 

She found that having fertility treatments, grieving for the loss of her babies and repeated failed IVF cycles whilst working full time were some of the hardest challenges she faced. 

Therefore she is genuinely passionate that women feel supported during their fertility journey and have a better experience than she did. Belinda and her husband are now hoping to start their family with the help of a gestational surrogate. 

And she’s here to share her journey, her insights and expertise with us today….

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