In my latest podcast, I’m exploring a really important issue.

This is a topic that affects women no matter what their age, status, culture, religion or race.

But it’s an issue that is often misunderstood and that is the issue of domestic abuse.

How would you know if a colleague, friend or family member was a victim?

How would you know if you were a victim? Because sadly many women aren’t aware that they’re experiencing it until it reaches a crisis point.

This is such an important topic for us to talk about because it’s often cloaked in secrecy and shame.

Shockingly 75% of people who endure domestic violence are targeted at work but only 5% of organisations have a policy on how to support someone who is a victim.

Domestic abuse is not just a private matter but a public one. We all have a responsibility to put an end to it.

The purpose of this episode is to raise awareness so you can understand the role you can play in spotting it and helping to safeguard others.

Whilst this topic might not be one we want to listen to – we can’t turn our back on it as we leave behind the women who might be at risk or currently facing domestic abuse. So I urge you to listen so we can all come together to end domestic abuse and be empowered with the knowledge of what we can do.

Links in the episode

National Domestic Abuse Helpline:

The Haven:

The Haven Domestic Abuse Guide:

The Haven – Creating safer workplaces:

The Haven – Safety Planning Guide:

The FREE 24 Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 08082 000 247
The Haven’s FREE 24 Hour Helpline: 08000 194 400

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