There’s a growing movement happening both individually and collectively  – can you feel it?
A sense that ‘this is not working anymore?’  Our working practices and cultures 
They’re not sustainable.  They’re not fair 
There is systemic oppression, injustice and societal inequities

Maybe you’ve felt it too?
Maybe you’re feeling it right now?

We don’t want to keep propping up systems that aren’t working.

Maybe you want to help create the change that’s so needed.

But how do you play your part without burning out?

Well, today’s guest is here to help us. She’s all about helping women to step up without burning out.

My guest is Katy Murray – leadership development coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker.  Katy has coached thousands of leaders over 25 years and hosted workshops and conferences in 35 countries across the world.

In this episode, Katy and I explore how you can step up and make an impact as a change-maker but in a sustainable way.  

We’re exploring an actionable plan to eliminate overwhelm and burnout and find pleasure in your purpose again. Expanding your impact and using your voice to find a new powerful way to lead.

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