In this episode I’m exploring where the impact motherhood has on couplehood with Joanna Groves from Relational who is a relationship coach and psychotherapist.

When I read something Joanna wrote on social media that said that when you invest in your couple’s relationship, you actually invest in your children, I knew I had to speak to her.

In this episode Joanna shares…..

  • The embarrassment and shame that often comes with having problems in our relationships
  • How she’s passionate about taking relationship therapy out of the therapy room and into everyday life
  • What it’s like to be in a healthy relationship and demystifies some of the unhelpful beliefs that exist in our culture
  • What couplehood is and the impact it can have on motherhood
  • Her own honest experience of being in a blended family and the struggles she’s had
  • Why the space between us and our loved ones is so important for raising children
  • That, even though her and her partner are both relationship therapists, they still hit bumps in their relationship but it’s what they do when they hit the bumps that’s important
  • The one thing we can do to positively impact couplehood

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