In this episode I explore how to avoid the exhaustion funnel as a working mum.  I share:

  • What the Exhaustion Funnel is
  • Why we’re more at risk of falling into it as working mothers 
  • The 5 steps you can take to avoid falling into it 
  • How to stop yourself being sucked deeper into the funnel if you find yourself already in it

This year has been like no other before.  As working mums we probably already came into 2020 exhausted – trying to juggle the double shift of motherhood with a career.  And then COVID hit and most of us went into survival mode.  If ever we were at risk of falling into the Exhaustion Funnel then this is the year for it.

And now we’re entering the festive season where expectations on us as mothers probably increase.  So now more than ever we need to be aware of the risk of the Exhaustion Funnel and how to avoid it.

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