Have you ever felt resentful towards your partner for all the mental and emotional load you carry as a working mum?   Or do you feel like the she-fault parent in your house?  The default parent carrying the domestic load?  If you have, then the latest episode of Wisdom For Working Mums is for you!   My guest is Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play, the game-changing approach to sharing the mental load, rebalancing your relationship and transforming your life.  It’s a real world solution for sharing the domestic and emotional load at home.   After experiencing the pain, frustration and exhaustion of being the she-fault parent in her own home, Eve has channeled her amazing experience in law, organisation management and family mediation into creating Fair Play.  Reese Witherspoon describes Fair Play as a hands-on, real talk guide for navigating the hot-button-issues so many families struggle with.   And 2020 has been the year that has highlighted even further the load that working mums carry  During the pandemic the burden of housework, home learning and parenting has fallen unequally on mothers.  It seems that the gender inequalities that might exist in our homes have got worse during COVID-19.  So Eve’s message and her Fair Play approach are more important than ever.  In this episode Eve shares:

  • Powerful and relatable stories about her life that led her to write the book Fair Play
  • The toxic time messages we receive as women that perpetuate the ‘having it all means doing it all’ paradigm
  • How the private issues that we experience in our homes that cause blame, guilt and shame, are actually public issues based on our society and cultural issues
  • How you can bring your partner to the table to engage in rebalancing the domestic load
  • Practical ways to use your voice for more effective communication
  • A proven framework to create fairness in your home

You can find further information over on the podcast show page: http://wisdomforworkingmums.co.uk/45

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