As working mums we’ve probably heard a million times how important self-care is for us to have the energy to do everything.  Most of the messages out there on the topic are quite frankly patronising or unrealistic.

My experience is that most of us know how important it is but find it damn difficult to carve out the time or space to actually do it.  But if self-care is the answer to us having the energy to do everything we want in life without losing our sanity and wellbeing, how do we actually integrate it into our lives in a way that works for us?

Well today’s guest on the Wisdom For Working Mums’ podcast show has the answers for us.

Suzy Reading is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in wellbeing, stress management and facilitation of healthy lifestyle change.

She’s passionate about empowering people with the tools of self-care to help them weather and recover from periods of stress, loss and change and to boost resilience in the face of future challenges. She’s author of The Self-Care Revolution.

In this episode Suzy shares practical, down to earth and easily accessible strategies that she’s developed not only as a health expert but as a working mum that’s been in the trenches of life’s challenges.

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