Whether we like it or not our success in life is influenced by our ability to sell ourselves. Most women I’ve had the privilege of working with unfortunately have a difficult time with this.  And they’re not alone! All of the research indicates that women are more likely to undersell themselves and lean away from sales conversations.

Whether it’s a lack of belief in their value or a lack of confidence in how to communicate their value – selling feels difficult for them. Whether it’s fear or rejection or fear of being perceived as too pushy. Most of us lean away from having a sales

Today’s guest is about to help if you have a difficult relationship with selling. Catherine Watkin is the UK’s leading expert in authentic and heart-centred sales. She helps people fall in love with selling and do it in a way that is aligned with their values.

She helps people sell with more ease, more enjoyment and in full integrity. Catherine’s an authentic and inspiring role model for how it is possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques. So I can’t wait to share her story and expertise with you.

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