Wondering how to be the best parent for your kids?

It’s a question that often crosses my mind, especially when the responsibilities of parenting feel overwhelming – and that’s on a good day.

When my children face challenges, or things don’t go as planned, it can be downright daunting and isolating.

Like many parents, my biggest wish is for my kids to be happy and healthy as they grow into their best selves.

Yet, the role I play in shaping their journey can feel both crucial and overwhelming, especially considering the concerning statistics on children’s mental health.

So, how can we support our children’s mental well-being and guide them to a happy and healthy adulthood?

It’s a question that looms large for all parents, and for those of us juggling the demands of both work and family, it’s particularly intense.

In my latest podcast episode, I sat down with Dr. Beth Mosley, MBE – one of the UK’s most experienced and respected consultant clinical psychologists specialising in working with children, young people, and families.

With over 20 years in the NHS and her own experience as a single mother of three, Dr. Beth brings cutting-edge science and evidence-based interventions to the table.

Recognized in the 2022 New Year’s Honours list with an MBE for outstanding contributions to children’s mental health, Dr. Beth’s insights are invaluable.

This conversation is not just informative but also relatable and reassuring. It’s empowering to know there are actionable steps we can take as parents to protect our children from life’s challenges while helping them navigate life’s demands.

My sincere wish is that every parent has the opportunity to hear Dr. Beth’s wisdom, so once you’ve tuned in, consider sharing it with others.

We all could use Dr. Beth’s wise words echoing in our ears as we navigate the journey of parenthood together.

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