December 18, 2023

Unwrapping the Magic of Coaching: 12 Days of Transformation



Imagine this…

⁠You wake up on Christmas morning, eager to unwrap your presents. But as you pick up a present from under the tree and pull off the wrapping paper, to your surprise, they’re the same presents you opened last year. 

⁠And the year before!⁠

⁠Confused and curious, you decide to write Santa a letter. 

Santa writes an honest letter back full of wisdom: ⁠

⁠”You’re getting the same presents because you haven’t fully embraced them. Take these gifts into your heart, learn from them, and watch the magic unfold.” ⁠

⁠It’s a reminder that sometimes the best gifts aren’t the ones you unwrap with your hands but the ones you open with your heart. 

⁠As we approach the end of the year, it’s got me thinking about the amazing gifts that coaching can provide.⁠

⁠This year, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of some beautiful and powerful journeys with my coaching clients. ⁠

⁠From progressing with more impact and less work in their professional worlds to feeling more calm and connected in their personal lives.⁠

⁠Some of my clients have permitted me to share their unique coaching insights to see the profound impact that coaching has had on their lives – both personally and professionally. 

I’ve been sharing these insights over on Instagram, but also wanted to share the magic that happens when we invest in ourselves and embrace the power of coaching. 

⁠Here are the heartwarming stories, valuable insights, and a sprinkle of coaching magic! 

Gift 1: Unwrapping 12 days of Coaching Magic

⁠Gift 2: Catherine’s Journey from Stress to Strength 

⁠Gift 3: Joanne’s Transition from Career Confusion to Confidence

✨⁠Gift 4: Sue’s Journey from Conflict to Clarity

✨⁠Gift 5: Rowena’s Transformation from Frantic to Freedom

✨⁠Gift 6: Sarah’s Shift from Burnout to Boundaries.

✨⁠Gift 7: Serena’s Evolution From Sacrifice to Self Sovereignty

✨⁠ Gift 8: Lois’s Journey from Achievement to Alignment

Gift 9 Managing Anxiety as a Hiugh-Achieving Mother with Dr Jodi Richardson

✨⁠ Gift 10: Elisa’s Transition from Passive to Powerful

✨⁠ Gift 11: Anna’s Transformation From Dissatisfaction to Discernment

Gift 12: Nicole’s Transition from Uncertainty to Unwavering Confidence

Thank you to all of my clients for allowing me to be part of your stories, for trusting the process, and for the courage to venture into new territories. Your dedication to personal and professional growth is inspiring, and I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to support you.

And thank you to you for being part of my community too.

I hope that we get to unwrap more gifts together next year.


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