January 26, 2024

Why do we wait for moments like this?

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The brick wall moments

This weekend, I received the news that two people I know had passed away.

Two women.
One old.
One young.
Both are no longer here.

It’s reminded me of the fragility of life.
And it’s got me asking those questions that times like this provoke:

“What’s it all about?”
“What do I want my life to be about?”
“What’s the meaning of this one precious life?”

These are questions that I’ve confronted before.
They’re familiar to me.
They’re ones I’ve grappled with during moments of significant loss and challenge.

When my mum passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.
When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and died just two short weeks later.

It often takes these life-changing moments to wake us up to the preciousness of life.
It’s unfortunate that it often takes these life-altering moments to wake us up, though.
It’s all too easy to get caught up in the treadmill of daily life.
We lose sight of what we actually want our lives to be about.
We too easily get caught up in just surviving to even consider what it would mean to truly thrive.

I know – I’ve been there…….more times than I care to remember.

One of the women who passed away this week – Yvie – I met doing a charity trek in the Scottish Highlands. She was a powerhouse of a woman with a love and zest for life that I’ve not seen in many people.
Her mantra, “We’re here for a good time; we’re not here for a long time,” encapsulated a profound wisdom born from her battle with cancer. Those who’ve come close to death often teach us how to truly live.
And if I’m honest, I’ve struggled to know what it’s like to truly live.
Getting caught up in the daily stresses of life.
Losing sight of what is important and what I want my life to be about.

Falling into toxic success – focusing on the outside and not paying enough attention to my internal experience.

18 years ago, my mum died just before Christmas.

Back then, for a quite a few years leading up to her death,, I was unhappy.

I kept thinking, “I can’t keep living like this.” but felt stuck.

Without the awareness of what was really wrong.
Without the empowerment of a plan to get unstuck, I just kept going.

I became a person I didn’t recognise or like anymore.
But wasn’t sure what else to do.

It sadly took my mum’s death for me to finally decide to make positive changes in my life, and it was life-changing.

I finally took the time to listen to my heart. To align with my values. To create a life that felt good on the inside.

It was as if my mum needed to die for me to finally start living.

But why do we have to wait for moments like this?

I call them the brick wall moments.
Why do we have to wait for these “brick wall moments” to initiate change?
The health scare.
The bereavement.
The relationship breakdown.
The redundancy.
I’ve come to understand the urgency of helping others make positive changes without the pain of a life-altering experience.
It’s why I’m so passionate about helping other women make changes in their own life….without having to have one of those painful life-changing experiences before they do.
If you’re feeling trapped, thinking, “I just can’t keep living this way ?,” I’m here for you. Reach out for a free discovery call, and let’s navigate this journey together.
In the meantime, let’s honour Yvie’s legacy and send love to those who have lost loved ones. Life is precious, and every moment counts.
Here’s to living with purpose and passion.

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