How do we achieve more without burning out?  How can we . save time but still have a positive impact?

If you’re interested in the answers to these questions then this episode is for you.  I’m talking sanity saving productivity hacks with my guest Laura Parker.

Laura has helped me save time in my business with some powerful productivity insights. She’s literally revolutionising how I approach my work with some simple but powerful hacks. So I’m excited to be sharing her wisdom with you today.

Laura Parker helps transform the businesses of overworked and overwhelmed female founders by helping them figure out a roadmap to make all of their dreams for their business doable.

A natural Monica, Laura is passionate about the power of using automation, the right tech and the right habits to skip burnout and scale with ease. She’s literally a productivity queen!

In this episode Laura shares:

  • How to do fewer things but with greater impact
  • How becoming a mum inspired her to take a leap of faith on her entrepreneurial journey
  • The three categories on her to-do-list that cut through the overwhelm
  • Her top productivity apps to help save time
  • How she manages an inbox zero email as a business owner and busy working mum
  • Her daily rituals that support her organisation and productivity
  • The behind the scenes on her life as a productivity and organisation queen

You can access the show notes and the free download here

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