How as a working mum can you perform and stay at your best without sacrificing your personal life or health?

As working mums we know all too well how challenging it is balancing our careers with our personal lives. The blend between them has such profound implications for our wellbeing.

In this episode I’m joined by global wellbeing expert Audrey McGibbon who is a psychologist, business leader and co-creator of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey.  Audrey shares some powerful insights on wellbeing for working mums.

If you’re a working mum who identifies with being a leader in the workplace you’re going to love this episode.

In this episode Audrey shares:

  • a fundamental misunderstanding about wellbeing
  • the differences between male and female wellbeing
  • the impact of Covid on wellbeing and specifically for working mums
  • insights into burnout and depletion and practical coping and prevention strategies
  • how to create wellbeing in our households not just in our workplaces
  • why, if you’re achievement orientated, you’re particularly more vulnerable to burnout and what you can do about it
  • the one thing you need to get really good at as it’s the single best prevention strategy for burnout

You can access the show notes here:

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