We’ve come along way since women were given equal rights but despite this, we still don’t seem to have worked out how to navigate the dynamic of a woman being the main earner in their household.

The earning capabilities and responsibilities of women have shifted but attitudes and understanding of what it means to be a female main earners haven’t moved as quickly. If you’re a female main earner (or planning to be) and struggling with how to fully embrace your role then this podcast is for you.

In this episode my guest is Jenny Garratt OBE, an Award Winning Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Author. She is well known for her work empowering working women, particularly female main earners, through her book Rocking Your Role.

Whether you’re a female main earner by choice or chance, I know you’re going to get so much from this conversation. And even if you’re not the main earner in your family what we explore in this conversation will be so powerful.

You can access the show notes here: https://wisdomforworkingmums.co.uk/65

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