Would you like to save at least an hour a week?

Silly question if you’re a busy working mum, right?

This episode is guaranteed to make a difference in your life if cooking and feeding your family is a source of stress in your home.

Today’s guest is Suzanne Mulholland a time-saving guru, a family cooking expert and Sunday Times best selling author of The Batch Lady books.

Suzanne has applied her background as a time management trainer in her own life to such massive success that she’s become the internet sensation The Batch Lady.

She’s helped thousands of people to cook quick, easy, homemade and healthy family meals for the freezer to save time, money and waste.  And she’s here to share her wisdom and expertise with you.

In this episode Suzanne shares:

  • What batch cooking actually is
  • Simple and practical ways to get started with batching
  • Insights into how Suzanne applies this in her own life
  • Some great hacks and tricks to save time and energy as a working mum

You can access the show notes here: https://wisdomforworkingmums.co.uk/63

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