This week’s guest is Nicki Seignot who is known as The Parent Mentor.  She is passionate about helping working parents return to work and thrive when they do.  She specialises in supporting businesses and organisations develop mentoring for new parents and returning talent

She is a real pioneer and champion in this area having introduced maternity mentoring to Asda Walmart in 2011, where over 200 returners have been mentored to date.  Since then in her work as The Parent Mentor she has gone on to advise, mentor, coach, facilitate, write and speak on this subject across the UK and Europe.  So we really do have an expert amongst us on this episode.

Nicki is the co-author of the first business book on parental mentoring ‘Mentoring New Parents at Work’ and is also a Member of the House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group for Women and Work.

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