Motherhood or maternal bias is believed to be the strongest form of gender bias.Motherhood triggers false assumptions that women are less committed to their careers and even less competent.It’s not only damaging if you’re a working mother but also if you’re a leader in an organisation where these unconscious biases are being lived out.So in this episode, we’re going to be exploring what maternal bias is and the common ways it shows up in the workplace. And what do if you experience it or see it happening to others.This episode celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 which is all about #breakingthebiasYou can listen to the episode here: or via itunesstitcher or spotify. Or you can find it on most other podcast platforms and apps.Could you do me a huge favour and share this episode with two or three working mums that pop into your head as you listen? My mission is to support as many working mums on their journey as possible, and so I’d be so grateful if you supported them by offering this free podcast. I hope it’s been helpful to you, and if so, I hope you pass that on.

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