Every found yourself comparing yourself to other mothers and feeling like you’re falling short?

In this episode, I’m sharing insights into the Ancient Greeks and modern psychology in the context of motherhood and they’re guaranteed to open up a whole new way of thinking for you.

I’m going to be sharing how to discover your mothering style so that you can free yourself up to do this working mother thing on your own terms.

Every mother has strengths and struggles. But what about your strengths and your struggles? That’s where knowing your mothering style can be powerful.

And we have to start exploring your personality type to help uncover it.

Knowing your mothering style helps you to:
* trust your innate strengths and gain confidence in your own natural approach to mothering
* be more realistic and accepting of your struggles (we all have them!)
* free you from the stress and guilt about not measuring up to the myth of the perfect mother
* learn how to re-charge and protect your energy
* strengthen your parent-child and co-parenting relationships
* navigate the demands of your life with more ease based on your individual needs

This episode will help you to embrace your natural preferences and instinctive self and stop comparing yourself to other mothers. Empowering you to be the best version of yourself as a mother!
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