Do you struggle to rest as a working mum?

Do you feel tired but you just feel like you can’t step off the hamster wheel of life?

Does your secret fantasy involve going away to a hotel for a weekend *just* to sleep?

Then this podcast episode is for you!

I’m interviewing Karen Brody, a rest teacher and founder of Daring To Rest.  I came across Karen and her work when I was deep in my own burnout journey.  Her book became my bible and was pivotal in me understanding what had led me to burn out and what I could do to take my power back and recover.

Karen is on a mission to support you to experience deep rest by sharing a life-changing, simple, restful transformational nap approach.  Teaching us to slow down and dare to rest.

In this episode Karen shares:

How her experience with panic attacks in early in her motherhood journey led her to do this work

How we value and protect rest for our children but not for ourselves

The rest messages we receive at an early age in our culture

How our modern society is set up for us being hyper-aroused and why we need rest more than ever

The powerful life direction that rest took her on that led to global success

That rest in the remedy for so many things in our lives

A life-changing 3-minute rest ritual

You can access the show notes here:

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