As mums there’s probably not a week goes by that we don’t worry about the wellbeing of our children in some way, shape or form.

But 2020 has been the year that worrying about our children’s wellbeing has reached a whole new level:

  • How will they cope in lockdown?
  • Are they getting too much screen time?
  • Are they becoming isolated?
  • What if they get the virus?
  • How will they cope with the transition back to school?
  • Are the social distancing rules worrying them?

I don’t know about you but at times I’ve felt like I’ve needed more support and resources to navigate some of these worries.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to my guest – Dr Sarah Taylor.  Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in supporting children. She has spent several years extensively researching the combined roles that science, psychology, and physical reflexes have on mental health.  This was borne of a desire to identify the causes behind a well-publicised fact that an increasing number of children today experience anxiety, depression and difficulty attending, co-operating and controlling their own behaviour at school and in the home.

Sarah recognised that there is a need for a solution that is more sensitively attuned to a child’s psychological needs.   Interestingly Sarah concluded that a large proportion of individuals will not noticeably benefit from talking therapies. Due to the stresses and pressure of modern life, most children do not have fundamental behavioural problems; rather these are often symptoms of the reality that children need to emotionally regulate but do not know how.

Sarah created a unique approach and assessment programme to meet this challenge called Calm Brain that provides  an easily accessible psychological intervention that can be used by, and benefits everyone that uses it.

I know you’re going to love what Sarah has to share, so this is a must listen for us mums.

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