Going back to work after having a baby can be tough.  Not only the emotional aspect of leaving your baby for the first time. But the logistics of finding childcare and working out how to combine work and motherhood can be overwhelming.  Then there’s the financial aspect.

For many women going back to work full time is financially, emotionally, logistically and sometimes physically impossible. Too many women end up leaving their jobs and even their careers because they can’t find a way to combine their work and motherhood in a sustainable way.

The answer for many women is flexible working.  And while the idea might seem like the solution to the working mum juggle, actually asking for and getting your flexible working request approved is a whole different story. 

In this episode I interview a flexible working expert Anna Ives from HR Puzzle.

In this episode we explore:

  • what actually is flexible working
  • what are your legal rights around flexible working as a new mother?
  • how do you decide if flexible working might be right for you?
  • what’s the process to ask for flexible working

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