There is so much advice in the parenting space with young children – some conflicting, some confusing but often overwhelming.

But what about as our children get older?

There is less advice and support for parents as our children get older but it’s just as important.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have a very special guest, Anita Cleare join me on the podcast. Anita is a renowned parenting speaker, writer, and coach with a background in developmental psychology.

She has dedicated her career to helping parents navigate the challenges of balancing successful careers with the demands of raising children.

In this episode, we dive into the world of parenting.

Anita brings her honesty and relatability to the conversation, giving us hope and practical advice without sugarcoating the realities.

We talk about the fear factors that come with parenting teens—the online world, exams, and the diminishing control parents have as our children grow more independent.

Anita shares invaluable insights on mental health and how to handle those moments when teenagers seem to retreat into their own worlds.

This is such a reassuring and informative discussion.

00:00 Navigating parenting teenagers with renowned developmental psychologist.

05:03 Parenting project aims to support working parents.

09:08 Work mindset differs from parenting; understand distinction.

10:18 Parenting: Acceptance, empathy, curiosity, playfulness, presence, intention.

15:32 Parental challenges in child development and adolescence.

19:53 Guide book offers hope and support.

21:41 Parenting triggers judgment, shame; compassion is key.

24:20 Teens reject parents, need non-critical encouragement.

28:14 Maintaining relationships with teenagers, supporting them effectively.

33:13 Remind yourself of love before parenting mode.

34:40 Filling kids with love and positivity daily.

38:26 Share, connect, support, and spread the word.

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