In a world where your voice can be your most powerful asset, learning to speak up and stand out is essential. Whether you’re addressing a boardroom, pitching clients, or advocating for change, this episode is packed with insights to transform your public speaking skills from nerve-wracking to crowd-wowing.

I’m joined by my special guest Suzie Lavington, acclaimed public speaking coach and passionate advocate for empowering women through communication.

What You’ll Learn:
[01:07 – 01:52] Suzie’s journey from stage fright to public speaking pro.
[01:52 – o2:36] Why public speaking is crucial for women in leadership.
[02:37 – 03:28] Tips for gaining confidence and presence on any stage.
[03:33 – 04:11] How public speaking can open doors in your career and personal life.
[10:42 – 10:59] Practical strategies to handle public speaking anxiety.
[11:24 – 12:13] Overcoming impostor syndrome and the importance of authentic self-expression.
[15:10 – 15:40] The deep-rooted fears of public speaking and how to conquer them.
[19:33 – 20:14] Suzie’s top advice for women who want to make a mark with their words.
[23:58 – 24:45] Aligning your mind, heart, and gut for effective communication.
[27:10 – 27:37] Suzie’s key techniques for reducing nerves and enhancing delivery.

Suzie not only shares her transformative journey but also provides actionable advice and techniques to help you turn public speaking into a powerful tool for advancing your career and personal goals.
Her insights are particularly geared towards helping women harness their voices to influence, inspire, and lead with confidence.

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