In this episode, I’m diving into a common question that working mothers face: “How do you manage it all?”

The juggling act of balancing work, family, and your personal life.

It’s a tricky question to explore because it can be a loaded question.

It’s not a question that men get asked.

It’s certainly not a question that working fathers get asked.

Probably because traditionally, the answer for most men on how they ‘manage it all’ would be because they had a wife at home doing everything.

Their wife would be holding the emotional and mental load of the family and home for them.

But I think it’s an important question for us to ask our fellow working mums because with more mothers working than ever – how we balance our work and home responsibilities is a sticking point for so many of us.

Asking the question makes the invisible visible.

Seeing how we each navigate the invisible load – either normalising that it’s not easy or learning from each other.

I’m approaching this question from the perspective that if most working mums still carry the majority of the family and domestic responsibilities, how do we navigate our careers in a way that supports us to thrive?
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