The Authority Gap – Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men and What We Can Do About It?

Ever felt like your competence is challenged and your views ignored as a woman in the workplace?

You’re not alone – most women have a tale to tell about being underestimated, talked over, ignored, patronised and generally not taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

This is known as the authority gap.

My latest podcast guest joins me to shine a light on this important subject.

Sharing what the authority gap is.
How it impacts us as women.
And most importantly what we can do about it.

I’m thrilled to be joined by Mary Ann Sieghart – Journalist, broadcaster and author of the bestselling book The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, and What We Can Do About It

In this interview, we explore the covert bias that many women experience and the effects it can have on us personally and professionally. We look at how we can recognise it, correctly apportion it and start to narrow the authority gap.

This is a conversation that every woman who needs their voice to be heard should listen to.
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