Most people’s relationship with money is often complex, difficult and confused. Whether it’s how much to charge for your time or how to ask for that pay rise. Or how to balance spending and saving.  Maybe it’s guilt for having money or fear of losing it.

But for women it seems to be even more so, especially as working mums.  Maybe it’s the challenge of affording childcare whilst working. Maybe it’s working flexibly or part-time which leads to a reduction in pay, whilst often doing the same amount of work. Maybe it’s becoming more reliant on our partner after being used to being self sufficient and independent.  Or maybe it’s becoming the main breadwinner in our family and coping with the change in dynamics that creates.  ​

So this podcast interview with ​the inspirational Rebecca Robertson from Evolution Financial Planning is a must if you would like to feel more empowered financially.  Rebecca is an award winning business owner, TEDx speaker, qualified Independent Financial advisor and regular media commentator on financial planning. She is a leading light in the financial services industry empowering women with her all-female team. 

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